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Note from the Webmaster: My apologies to all that have contacted us with congratulations on the success of the 2008 ballot campaign. Due to limited time on my part, we are publishing here only a few emails. Thanks so much to all of you for your support and, please, spread the word! Or better yet ... Start your Own ballot Question!.

N.S. in Pennsylvania:

I read your thoroughly clear and eloquent article in the Jan / Feb Issue of Other Voices, published by the Washington Report on the Middle East ... Your initiatives on the ballot in Nov were brilliant. When people understand just how unjust is the Israeli occupation and suppression of the Palestinians people's rights and aspirations, they show support. I agree with your approach and would help to get such a drive going in Pennsylvania ... I thoroughly believe the answer to the "Israel is the only democracy is: No theocracy is democratic. Americans should never support a theocracy.

A. B. in Nigeria:

I must congratulate you on the fine job you are doing in helping to address the injustice in the Holy land. As a Muslim you give me much hope that it is possible to stop the bitterness between the West and Islam. The ballot result on Question 4 also changed my perception of Americans vis--vis their knowledge and opinion on the Arab Israeli conflict and Muslims in general.

Finally I want to let you know that someone in this part of the world is cheering the people of Somerville, Ma. and praying that our vision of just and peaceful Holy land is realised sooner than later.

H. B. in New Zealand:

I want to write to you to let you know that I strongly admire the work you have taken on with the SDP. As you see, I live in New Zealand - small and very far away - but people like me around the planet are in daily touch with news from America and from the Middle East. For years now I have burned with anger at the US protection of Israel, and the Zionists complete control of their agenda inside US politics ... America is cancered out with this infestation - I know many, many, Americans are getting increasingly better informed about this (remember we in the Real World have seen this situation as it really is, since we have much less "filtering" on our news access) dreadful paralysis that has deranged US policy. You appear to be doing brave and intelligent work to counter this.

I write letters at every opportunity to point out the control issues, and the lying that go with them, by Zionist interests .. sadly (despite the Black Jesus Promise) I see that Obama has a top Zionist as his CoS - same old same old.

Thanks for the work that you do - please keep on with this. One hopes (springs eternal!) that future history books will look at this time - the last 100 years of US development - and be able to clearly see that your agendas are run by a small, highly motivated, very focussed and completely amoral group of people to whom most of the rest of the world is insignificant and expendable.

The parasite will not seek to kill the host, but will take as much as it can from the host resource base for its needs - once the host dies the parasite moves on. If it is to be stopped, Zionism needs to be ruthlessly exposed wherever it operates - bright light is anathema to these very scary people - keep that light shining, and take my very best wishes for the struggle.

New Zealand is seen as insignificant, but we know, and see, exactly what is unfolding in your country.


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